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So. Here we are. The first in what I’m sure will be an amazing array of comments, memoirs, thoughts, and absolute randomness.

What is CzarCasm? Uh, seriously? I grew up watching Friends, as so many of us did. And, like most of you, I labeled myself as Chandler when tasked with role assignment. Don’t EVEN act like you didn’t watch them and try to figure out who your friends would think you were, or which of your friends Ross was.

In the spirit of Chandler, I bring Sarcasm.

Ask my wife. Ask my kids. And it’s contagious. Ask my wife. Don’t ask my kids. They aren’t allowed. Saracm is only funny with adults. Kids make it snotty. My wife was never sarcastic until after about three years of blissful marriage to the one who would answer questions with a question, or with an obvious non-answer with the absolute opposite of what WAS the answer.
“Eating cereal for breakfast huh?”
“No, I was spooning milk from my bowl when the cereal went all lemming on me and jumped in.”

She gets revenge though. She has made it painfully obvious that when she tells me something, I have quite the annoying habit of asking,”Really?”
She gets revenge.

We have also learned that sarcasm is not a passive form of dicipline. What’s worse is when you have a truly great retort, they totally don’t understand it.

Like finding the answer to life stranded alone on Gilligan’s Island.
The look on their face literally sounds like crickets.

And we move on…

Check back again. Things I will discuss in the future will be mostly life events. Things from work, parenting, music, and much more.

Check back.


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